Welcome to the Oksana School of Languages

The Oksana School of Languages is an international foreign language school headquartered in Beverly Hills, California that offers private language courses in Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese and other common languages. Courses are offered for students at all skill levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced), and for all ages (for children and adults).

Our team of instructors are certified professionals with years of experience in their field. We choose instructors who are skilled, dynamic, and motivated, as we are, to instill in students a lifelong passion for excellence in their foreign language of choice. For students in the Los Angeles area we offer personal tutoring courses either at the instructor’s studio or at the student’s home. For students in other areas, even overseas, we offer online language lessons via Skype.

So, if you are looking for Spanish lessons, Italian lessons, French lessons, Chinese lessons or Russian lessons, either in person or online, our teachers can help you learn how to speak and write with the skill and professionalism you desire!

The Oksana School of Languages was founded by world-renowned pianist, educator and entrepreneur Oksana Kolesnikova.


Conversational approach

My son had been taking French from a private school for years but we weren't happy with their strict academic approach and lack of results. We set out to find a teacher who would utilize a conversational approach and we found one through Oksana School of Languages. Our son blossomed with his French in a matter of just a few months, compared to all the years he studied in the private school.

Christian Laurent

The convenience of online lessons

I LOVE the convenience of Skype lessons! It's like being in the same room with my teacher and I don't have to worry about driving in traffic or finding a place to park! I can be anywhere, and even when I'm traveling I can log in on my laptop and not skip a class. Thank you, Oksana School of Languages for this great system!

Emma Burchfield, NY

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